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Transformer Spaces

My friend showed me this a few days ago. i absolutely love the space, especially the balcony area. if any of you have watched the other transformer apartment video, based in hong kong by an architect named Gary Chang, you’ll like this apartment transformation by Christian Schallert. i personally prefer Christian’s much more than Gary’s version. yes the way Gary is able to create a number of rooms is absolutely mind-blowing. however the home lacks comfort. he used metallic and reflective materials throughout the apartment space, emitting a very ‘cold’ feel to the space, despite his placement of the (very artificial and visually disturbing) yellow tinted windows to ‘warm up’ the space. bleh.

here are both videos for your enjoyment.

Christian Schallert’s 258 sq.ft apartment

Gary Chang’s 344 sq.ft apartment


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todays post will be a quick one on petite infrastructures.

Loom by 1 Friday Design Collaboration

TKTS Booth by Choi Ropiha Design Development & Executive Architects

theres somthing really captivating about small scaled projects.
i appreciate the details and thoughts compacted into each one. i find that the concepts are amplified through a more defined focus. the scale is closer to the heart. it creates a more personal connection that affects the mind. perhaps this is a reflection of my personality. i am very meticulous when it comes to dealing with smaller scales. but because of that, i struggle with managing the bigger picture or larger scheme.

Plot #183 by Bernard Khoury

house NA by sou fujimoto

i feel that some larger scaled projects lose connectivity with the human emotions that occupy the space. they always have that ‘wow factor’ because of their size and appearance, but architecture/urban design should be more humane, build beautiful spaces for people.

lets not forget,
great things come in small packages.