Architecture, Urban Design


todays post will be a quick one on petite infrastructures.

Loom by 1 Friday Design Collaboration

TKTS Booth by Choi Ropiha Design Development & Executive Architects

theres somthing really captivating about small scaled projects.
i appreciate the details and thoughts compacted into each one. i find that the concepts are amplified through a more defined focus. the scale is closer to the heart. it creates a more personal connection that affects the mind. perhaps this is a reflection of my personality. i am very meticulous when it comes to dealing with smaller scales. but because of that, i struggle with managing the bigger picture or larger scheme.

Plot #183 by Bernard Khoury

house NA by sou fujimoto

i feel that some larger scaled projects lose connectivity with the human emotions that occupy the space. they always have that ‘wow factor’ because of their size and appearance, but architecture/urban design should be more humane, build beautiful spaces for people.

lets not forget,
great things come in small packages.