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Moses Arrives


although there is much debate about how feasible this structure actual is, i still find it absolute stunning. its unbelievably fresh, there simply isn’t anything like it. Moses Bridge in Netherlands, by Ro&Ad Architecten is a really a trench built in a moat. of course the name of the bridge comes from the biblical myth of moses separating the red sea. the the wood is accoya wood, treated so that it is waterproof.

walk like moses

there are a number of debates about this structure. some say its unrealistic to maintain. debris will build up inside the structure. another issue that is mentioned is the flooding of the bridge. if water levels rise, wouldn’t it flood?

i kinda sketched out my own rendition of it. perhaps the water could be allowed to flow over the walls and collect and drain out at the bottom of the pathway. maybe the bridge could float too! it’s quite possible I’m sure.


water flowing over the walls and collected



water flows back out from underneath the floating structure

nonetheless, i think its an amazing design. congrats on it being a finalist at the dutch design awards.

source: ArchDaily