Be Sensitive

k i just came across this post on archdaily

its about some ridiculous sideways hotel on the side of a mountain. to me it looks like a giant spider squashed to the side of the mountain. i don’t get it.

its stated that its purpose is to stimulate psychological senses. yah the only one thats being stimulated is confusion. what is going on? its more or less ruining the environment, both in its natural habitat and visual context. its a freaking eye sore. then all this talk about plaster and paint, laminate and glass used at such an enormous scale scares the hell out of me.



i’m a strong believer in designing with sensitivity. i think its important to design with care for the surrounding and its preexisting stories and homogenous character. thats a voice that i attempt to carry out in all of my work.

i’d like to mention some famous projects carried out by others, but I’m drifting off at the moment…so perhaps next time!

enjoy reading about that hanging house..or not.


One thought on “Be Sensitive

  1. brittanymyers says:

    I totally agree with you. I think cultural relevance is just as important, if not more, than innovative and bold design. This concept fails to recognize the single more important element – that the community who uses and loves this place will be outraged by the very idea of it. Very sad, and very unimpressed by Krasojevic.

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