lets begin

ok i admit, i am NOT good with keeping my blogs updated, especially my public ones. but because recently i’ve been doing a lot of creative brainstorming, i feel like i need an outlet to record all my thoughts and ideas, in case one day i have the opportunity to turn imagination into reality, i can use this blog as reference.

like my past blogs, which are soley dedicated to a specific use and topic, this one is for urban planning and architecture.

I’ve recently discovered that i have approached another crossroad in life. i noticed that perhaps the perfectly pictured future does not actually reflect my true passion. i began to realize that my attention is drawn towards the psychology and social aspects of human and urban space. hence, HUSthetics.

the blog is for my own personal use of recording and perhaps a guide to a designated path. my hopes is that it also inspires you who has so graciously entered the site, and hopefully will continue to do so.

merci beaucoup


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